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Car Scratch Remover
Car Scratch Remover
Car Scratch Remover
Car Scratch Remover

Car Scratch Remover

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Save an expensive trip to the body shop with our miraculous Car Scuff Remover Kit!

Designed in a lab using only the highest-quality ingredients to create an ultra-fine polishing compound, our scuff repair kit is designed to remove all kinds of stubborn marks without damaging the paint of your car. Our scuff repair paste works to quickly dissolve any surface scratches and scuffs while the sponge will polish your car to restore the original shine and color.

Applicable to all colors and paint styles, our Car Scuff Remover kit will become your go-to car repair kit when you're on the move.  


  • Perfect fix to scratches, marks, scuffs or paint imperfections, etc.
  • Quick and effortless repair in 10 seconds
  • Visibly removes flaws without harming your car
  • Restores the original luster and color of your car
  • Completely Rinse-free

Size: 15g 


  • 1x Car Scratch Repair Paste
  • 1x Car Scratch Repair Sponge

     Note: Work on mild scratch only, does not work for deep or big scratch.