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Door Damper

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Do you want to have sleek and minimalist designed closets and cabinets but worried of spending too much money? We have a solution for you, introducing the Door Damper.

Door Damper is an innovative latch that closes and opens doors without handle or knobs and complicated locks making your home more sophisticated.

Our Door Damper can transform your drawers and cabinets look minimalist modern, made of Stainless steel and ABS Plastic material making it super sturdy and durable. It is very easy to install. It can be attached at the Top, Bottom, or Side of the cabinet. It is perfect for Cabinets, Drawers, Cupboard, Sideboard, and more.

PUSH TO OPEN: Built-in spring-loaded plunger, you can just simply press the door to latch or unlatch. Eliminates the need for handles or knobs. Create a clean, seamless look of no knobs. Suitable for using with hinges without self-closing feature.

LONG STROKE WITH MAGNETIC: Long-stroke with a built-in magnet, magnetic force ensures a secure close point that makes the door more tightly united and no more 'drifting open' doors. Make this push latch more suitable for medium size doors.

POWERFUL PISTON/SPRING: Larger and thicker heavy-duty spring mechanism has a strong enough tension to make this push opener an exceptionally durable and timeless choice. Ensure lifetime up to 200,000 times.

EASY TO INSTALL: You can install the ultra-slim strike without drilling screw holes by using the included adhesive. Also, come with strike screws. Mounting two screws in the bottom bracket. The magnet tip can be adjusted to 3 mm, so you don't worry about whether it could be difficult to locate the mount exactly.


  1. Position Door Damper base not visible from the front, Tighten with screws in the front, middle and rear holes.
  2. Place the Door Damper into the front slot of the base.
  3. Fix the disk metal on the corresponding position.
  4. You can adjust the distance of the tip of the Door Damper to effectively optimized the closing gap.
  5. Use a flat-screwdriver to detach the Door Damper to its base.

UPGRADE YOUR DRAWERS: This Door Damper can minimize your child's curiosity on drawer handles. With this upgrade, there will be fewer scenarios that your child will open a random drawer in your house.


Material: ABS plastic and metal housing
Head: Magnetic tip head
Color: Grey
Total length: 128mm

Set of: 2pcs, 4pcs Door Damper (screws included)

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