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Portable Aluminium Laptop Desk

Portable Aluminium Laptop Desk

Portable Aluminium Laptop Desk

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Adjustable Laptop Stand

Enjoy the freedom of working with your laptop ANYWHERE

Say goodbye to neck and back pains caused by poor posture while working on your laptop. Even when using a desk, mot of us lean over to work on our laptops. Why not raise your laptop to eye level instead.

Now, thanks to Laptop Stand, not only can you convert any surface into a stand desk for your laptop, but you can comfortably use your laptop anywhere such as your bed, a couch, or anywhere else you want to work comfortably.

adjustable laptop desk
Laptop Stand Desk Features:
  • Vented Design Keeps Laptop Cool: Your laptop emits uncomfortable heat on your lap and does not properly vent because there's nowhere for the airflow to go. Designed with venting holes on the surface to provide maximum heat reduction and airflow, this laptop desk will keep you and your laptop nice and cool.

  • Good Posture Anywhere: Unique design provides unparalleled versatility. the multi-bracket Laptop Stand Desk makes it easier than ever to work from just about anywhere you want or comfortably binge watch your favorite series in bed.

  • Use As Portable Stand Desk: Just place The Executive Rambler Laptop Stand Desk on your existing desk, raise to comfortable standing height, and enjoy the comfort and benefits of those expensive and cumbersome standup desks without the heavy price tag.

  • Light Weight & Portable Aluminum Alloy: Makes carrying easy and holds your computer in virtually any position or angle.

  • Fully Adjustable Legs: 360 degree rotating joints. Each folding leg has 3 knobs which can adjust and lock in any height and angle you need. Quickly collapse the stand to make it portable.

  • Multi-Purpose – Can be used as a laptop stand, laptop riser for desk, bed desk, couch desk; It can also be used used as a TV dinner tray, sound equipment or projector stand, standing desk, book tray, writing desk, and tablet holder. Includes non-slip feet for use on tabletops and desktops. 
laptop desk for bed
  • Material: High-quality bearings, Magnesium alloy panel and bracket, ABS high-strength buttons and fans, and USB extension cables
  • Bearing capacity: 5kg
  • Surface technology: spraying
  • Foot length: 260 mm
  • Number of legs: 6 (3 * 2)
  • Desktop (length * width): Standard (17 * 11 inch), Long (19 * 11 inch)
  • Size (After folding): standard (21 * 11  inch), Long (23 * 11 inch)
laptop table for couch

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