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Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

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Be Seen From As Far As One Half Mile Away

High Visibility Vest are perfect for Runners, Cyclist, Campers, Pet Owners or anyone else who enjoys outdoor activity but worried about being seen by motorist.


Our high visibility vest is easy to use and lightweight and waterproof. Operation is simple, just push the button to trigger any of the three pre programmed med modes, solid - slow flashing or rapid flash mode.

The resulting LED light is immediately visible in the control unit and connected fiber optic lines which run over the shoulders and sides of the users body instantly making you visible from all sides creating 360 degree coverage.


The one-size fits all design can accommodate children as well as adults.
Just adjust the torso-band which also features a reflective band to fit your body and lock the quick release clasp to secure your vest. Waistband adjustable length: 60-100cm/23.62-39.37inch


  1. Pet owners can wear the LED reflective vest to alert drivers of their presence
  2. Runners can now be seen by motorist from up to half a mile away
  3. Our vest is great for construction workers too

Now you can easily reduce the risk of not being seen and stay out of harm's way with a 360 degree high visibility vest.

Perfect for Runners, Cyclist and Walkers and Pet walkers


3 User Controlled Modes
360° Coverage
Highly Visible Ultra-Bright LED Lights
Lightweight & Foldable
Can Be Worn By Anyone

  • Feel safe and comfortable during your early morning or evening outdoor activity.
  • Catch the eye of other road users as you glow in the dark.
  • Send a warning to other cars, motorcycles, bikes, and even horseback riders on the road. 

Material: Polyester
Gender: Male/ Female
Fiber optic length: 130cm/51.18inch
LED Quantity: 4 pcs
Battery: 3V, 4 pcs

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