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Spray Steady The Ultimate Painting Tool

Spray Steady The Ultimate Painting Tool

Spray Steady The Ultimate Painting Tool

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Use your paintbrushes, rollers & paint like a pro with SpraySteady - the newest high-tech spray guide tool that transforms any house or project within a day. It's fast and easy to use. It sprays & trims the edges. It even has a universal fit for all sprayers!


SpraySteady™ is versatile & convenient to use. It is widely utilised in house renovation or even DIY projects. Designed to save time and avoid many problems like paint drips, sags & trapped air bubbles. Guaranteed that SpraySteady™ provides quality finish works!


Exhausted from going up & down on a ladder? And using paint brushes, rollers, rags, trays, etc to paint? The SpraySteady® surely accomplishes more works alone! This spray guide tool does not need spray shields & tapes. It cuts your time from masking over & over. And covers 25ft in less than half a minute.


Apart from any ordinary spray tools, SpraySteady® is made up of premium materials. The setup is easy and takes less than 2 minutes. The spray head and baffle are adjustable. It comes with spray as well. And adjusts to fit all spray guns. Moreover, it provides an airless 517 sprayer nozzle for your handy use.


Avoid mistakes while painting & make sure to use SpraySteady™. The ease of repairing those glitches & scratches makes it easier for you to do. Because the SpraySteady™ produces clean & sharp paint with a simple spray. It glides effortlessly on every surface. It eliminates re-coating, masking & tapping. And while spraying, it gives you an even & consistent color.

End that inner chaos in painting your house walls/ doors/ furniture/ etc. Using SpraySteady you get more things done using this airless spray guide tool. So, make sure to buy yours now & see the magic it gives to you!


  • Universal fit 
  • Designed with airless 517 sprayer nozzle
  • Easy to set-up
  • Glides perfectly on the surface
  • Light & simple to use


  • Materials: Aluminium, Iron, Plastic
  • Spray Angle: 50°
  • Spray Width: 250 - 300 mm
  • Spray Guide Tool Size: 260 * 130 * 45mm / 10.24 * 5.12 * 1.77in
  • Spray Nozzle Size: 55 * 50 * 18mm / 2.16 * 1.97 * 0.71in
  • Item Weight: 383g / 13.53oz
  • Package Size: 27 * 17.5 * 6.8cm / 10.63 * 6.89 * 2.68in
  • Package Weight: 518g / 18.26oz

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Nice shopping experience, I wish the delivery could have been quicker than 2-3 weeks delay for no reasons. Hope it will be sorted soon.

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